Integrated Care Systems Development Programme

The current challenges facing the NHS require a transformation in the way healthcare is delivered. Although social housing organisations are major businesses delivering a vast array of preventative services, they have often struggled to gain traction in the NHS market.

It is widely recognised that we can no longer continue with our current hospital-based models of care. Rising demand, an ageing population, and advancements in both medicine and technology, mean the NHS needs to work differently to provide more care in people’s homes and in the community. To achieve this, the barriers within the NHS and with partners in social care, housing and the community need to be broken down and radically reformed.

The delivery of healthcare is changing. Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) are evolving into Integrated Care Systems, Integrated Care Networks and Primary Care Networks. Healthcare services and resources are being pushed closer and closer to housing.

These changes present major opportunities for housing associations to engage with health, particularly at a local level. But understanding these changes, these new structures and new commissioning arrangements can be confusing.

We know HAs want to play a full roll supporting the health of their tenants and communities. But to do so will require new knowledge, new relationships and different conversations.

This six-month learning programme will provide you with all the information you need to begin engaging with the NHS, or to exploit the relationships that you already have.

To find out more about the development programme, please contact us.