If you think working with the housing sector is simply about selling land so they can build keyworker homes, think again. Housing associations are about more than just homes. They are significant investors in their local communities, deliver numerous health and wellbeing initiatives, and participate in primary and secondary disease prevention.

This service will help you understand the potential of working with housing, developing the right strategies for engagement, the competencies you need to engage and how you can deliver improved local healthcare services. Housing can help you address some of the pressures on the NHS, whether in demand management, better discharge, or reducing the length of stay, as well as around complex care and mental health services. We can help you work with housing to develop local healthcare in a more community-based setting.

We can also help you understand how housing is funded, the capital it can bring to the table, and how partnerships work, and provide a direct brokerage service as appropriate.

Finally, we can connect you with those housing associations who can play a key role in the development of future workforce plans, building on the place-based nature of landlords, and the investment they make in employment and training in their communities.

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Read this report, 'A strategic plan for integrating housing and mental health across Sussex'

HACT coordinated the consultation and supported the SHCP development of the strategy.







Click here to download the report.