Illumar are working closely with HACT to develop strategies enabling housing providers to take the next step in implementing UK Housing Data Standards. These standards have been developed by housing providers to enable better information, better decisions and to optimize performance.

The standards will be foundational to an information-enabled business model improving consistency, quality and accuracy of data and thereby improving data governance and risk management.

By developing common data models across service areas it is expected to reduce human error in re-keying and transcription between systems ultimately reducing the time for the delivery of services to customers and providing new opportunities providing reliable data for analytics, business intelligence and alignment with regulatory requirements and benchmarking organisations. 

Illumar has developed a productised solution to automating the data management process of applying the data standards to existing source system outputs and presenting these in a reusable format for analysis. 

Illumar are currently looking for organisations to help them to define the application of the HACT UK Housing Data Standards.

If you would be interested in working collaboratively with HACT and other housing associations on these standards, please register your interest here.

HACT's View

The Illumar solution which provides a single unified version of the truth, pulling all data from across all of an organisations housing systems really chimes with our aim at HACT to create more data led organisations.  Reducing disparate, inconsistent data, manual processes gives better quality data, insights and a more cost effective and all-round efficient decision making process.

Through their work with ForViva they were able to establish a real trust in the data used to support better decision making.  This allowed more focused configuration and reporting mechanisms across the organisation, and clearly improved functionality of the data gathered from multiple sources.