Housing futures

HACT offers unique future-focused briefings, seminars and conferences for Boards and Senior Executive teams to radically increase their understanding of future risks, trends and issues for their organisation and the housing sector as a whole.

In partnership with some of the country’s leading opinion formers, thinkers, analysts and futurologists, HACT is able to provide bespoke full and half day events exclusively for Boards or senior teams focused on understanding and planning to meet the challenges and opportunities facing housing providers over the coming decade.

    Our briefings, seminars and conferences will provide your organisation with the knowledge and understanding they need to develop forward business plans, long term risk management approaches, and preparation for the new electoral cycle.

    These bespoke events will provide your board or senior team the opportunity to engage with top-level speakers who are able to provide an immediate and shared understanding of:

    • the major challenges facing the UK and world economy over the coming decade; 

    • the demographic and employment issues that will define the next decade for your business, your neighbourhoods and the UK as a whole; 

    • long term trends in public finances and their likely impact on housing provider businesses, wider public services, and the lives of residents and communities; 

    • key political trends and drivers as we enter an age of destabilised national and devolved local politics; 

    • emerging new technologies and their potential to both radically transform your business and impact on your residents lives. 

    Based around content and a format that meets your needs,  this offer is ideal for a Board awayday or senior team strategy session. It can also be completely adaptable to provide a full days stimulating content for a staff or stakeholder conference.

    A Housing Futures session can drive forward your business planning by providing:

    • vital input to housing provider risk models ensuring they take account of the major medium to long term issues often missing from conventional risk appraisals; 

    • a firm foundation for future business planning or reviewing the effectiveness of existing plans; 

    • improved governance and strategic planning capability across your organisation based around realistic assessments of the likely operating environment for providers between 2016 and 2026 ; 

    • a robust set of medium to long term scenarios against which to develop and appraise organisational business plans running up to 2020 and beyond; 

    Contributors and speakers:

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    Frances Coppola former Associate Editor of www.pieria.co.uk - the international online economics news and opinion website - and leading independent commentator on banking and the wider economy. Following a career as a banker and economist, focused in particular on management of financial risk, Frances is now one of the most followed economists on twitter (@frances_coppola), providing relentless and sharp commentary on current and emerging economic issues. 

    Steve Toft Influential public services analyst and author of the award winning blog flipchartfairytales.wordpress.com. Having worked in local government, utilities, banking and a “big 4” consultancy, Steve is now blogger, columnist, management consultant and independent public services/employment analyst.  Steve writes and tweets (@flipchartrick) extensively on government finance, workforce and demographic issues, with a strong focus on the challenges emerging in all those areas over the next decade.

    Daniel Fujiwara Director of Simetrica and researcher at the Centre for Economic Performance at the LSE.  Daniel has over 10 years of experience working at a senior level in government and international organisations, primarily on social value and cost benefit analysis issues; is scientific advisor to Social Value UK (formerly the SROI Network); and has advised numerous high profile businesses on social impact measurement and evaluation, including the World Bank, the OECD, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kraft foods and Danone.

    Jayne Hilditch Pioneering thought leader around the application of and until December 2015, Corporate Services Director at Thames Valley HA, Jayne has a twenty year career spanning housing, design and technology, Jayne relentlessly writes, speaks and tweets (@JayneHilditch) about housing sector transformation and the application of digital by design public service principles to the housing sector. Founder of #HousingCamp – the housing sector’s largest innovation-focused unconference. 

    Options for a Housing Futures session:

    Full day strategy and scenarios event, including expert speaker presentations; Q&A/facilitated discussion; immersive and interactive scenarios building focused on risks, challenges and opportunities in 2020-25; a prioritised organisational action plan 

    Half day futures briefing, including multiple expert speaker presentations, Q&A and facilitated discussion around potential future operating scenarios 

    2-2.5 day immersive/participative scenarios exercise with full day of speakers and workshops; structured “homework” for participating staff; a second full day of facilitated and interactive scenario building; a full write up and structured action plan identifying key risks and opportunities and areas of critical strategic and governance focus going forward 

    Topic specific briefings – shorter, more focused briefing sessions focusing on a specific theme or challenge, including technology-led innovation; future economic risks and trends; demographic and social change; long term political outlook; transforming your business and governance to prepare for the future.

    If you are interested in working with HACT to develop a bespoke conference, seminar or briefing with your Board, senior team or wider staff group, or would like to discuss the wider range of futures-focused strategic consultancy offered by HACT contact Matt Leach matt.leach@hact.org.uk or Andrew Van Doorn andrew.vandoorn@hact.org.uk