Social value services

What does HACT Value do?

We help housing providers, their suppliers and partners understand and implement social value measurement and to use social value as a tool to inform decisions. Our Social Value Bank positions UK Housing at the leading edge of demonstrating the social value create.

What problems does HACT Value solve?

Demonstrating value for money remains a priority for the housing sector. HACT, together with Simetrica, created the Social Value Bank – the largest bank of methodologically consistent values to measure the impact of activities from employment through to health. The methodology is now widely used across the sector and beyond. By working with HACT Value, housing providers learn how and where social value is generated most effectively, from in-house projects to the value generated by the supply chain.

What does HACT Value offer?

  • Training and strategic consultancy on the Social Value Bank to understand how to robustly deploy the methodology and how to use Value Insight, our web-based reporting tool.
  • Expert advice and certification of results to implement social value measurement and to feed into Value for Money Statements.
  • Cutting edge conferences and masterclasses to keep up to date with social value developments and good practice.

Want to find out more?

Contact or phone 020 7250 8500 and ask for ‘HACT Value’. 


Take a look at what our Chief Executive, Andrew van Doorn, had to say about social value at the 2018 NI Social Value Conference.

Publications and tools

The latest publications tools and information about the Social Value Bank.

How to use your results

See how other housing providers are using our social impact tools.

Licensing terms

Find out more information about the licensing agreement for our social impact values.

Social value masterclasses

Developed in conjunction with our latest social impact publications and tools.

Social Value Network for Contractors

A network for contractors that want to demonstrate their commitment to delivering social value.

Social value consultancy and training

Bespoke support to introduce and implement social impact measurement systems across your organisation.

SVB user community

A new community of housing providers using the HACT social value tools.

Social Value Certification

Find out more about officially certifying your social value work.