Pioneering social value

HACT has been pioneering social value in social housing since 2012. 

Social value is more than just reporting. It’s a way of thinking that seeks to understand the positive impact you’re having for your residents and your communities. 

The UK Social Value Bank helps you measure that impact. 

How we can support you

We can support you, wherever you are on your social value journey.

From delivering organisation-wide approaches to social value and certifying their social value impact, to providing independent assurance around procurement and helping contractors frame their social impact offer, our services have been designed with the housing sector in mind.

We see the limitless potential for organisations across the housing sector to drive greater value for residents and communities. 

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact James Williams, Head of Social Impact.

Practical tools

To help you measure your social value, we’ve developed a range of calculators based on the UK Social Value Bank, including:

The future of social value in social housing

It’s no longer enough for social housing organisations to say, “we do these services”. 

With social value, social housing organisations can say, “we are providing these services because we know they matter for our residents and our communities”.

Social value is an intrinsic part of our sector’s DNA. It is central to our collective social purpose. 

Get involved in our social value roadmap. 

Together, we can do more

The UK Social Value Bank

The UK Social Value Bank was developed by the housing sector for the housing sector. 

It’s the only social value tool that can measure the primary benefits of your work – that is, the positive impact your services have on people. 

It’s built on robust big-data insights. It’s methodologically consistent. And it can be used at either a micro or macro level. 

The UK Social Value Bank was created in partnership with Simetrica-Jacobs, the international experts in social value analysis, research and econometrics. We’re proud to be working with them – and a range of other supporters – in enhancing and expanding the UK Social Value Bank.