HACT Local

What does HACT Local do?

We work with housing providers and their partners to support their work in neighbourhoods and with local communities. We are a sector leader in supporting the best in Community Investment.

What problem does HACT Local solve?

Housing Providers invest hugely in their tenants and their local communities. Your social purpose matters and you want to maximise the impact you have in creating sustainable lives and places. By sourcing new tools or technology, sharing best practice and enabling cross-sector partnerships, HACT Local is working to redefine holistic and sustainable community investment as a priority that works across the whole housing business.

What tools / services does HACT Local offer?

  • Strategic Development – bringing together evidence and providing support for creating engagement and investment strategies.
  • Facilitation and Workshops – supporting boards and organisations to understand stakeholder priorities, create new partnerships and embed social purpose.
  • Networking, conferences and events to keep up to date with innovative projects and good practice.

Want to find out more?

Contact local@hact.org.uk or phone 020 7250 8500 and ask for ‘HACT Local’.