Research and evidence

We can help you put insights and evidence at the heart of your decision making. 

As a trusted, independent research expert, HACT helps organisations across the housing sector to improve services for their residents and communities. 

From evaluating business operating models to measuring the impact of a specific service, we can tailor our research to meet your requirements so you can generate actionable insights, build trust with your stakeholders and drive value across your business. 

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We can create and shape a research strategy tailored to your organisational requirements.

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Service improvement

 We help deliver the evidence you need to understand and measure the impact of your   service, as well as identify best practice and opportunities for service improvement.

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 Business transformation

 We can support you to reimagine or refine your business operating model, driving and   enhancing the use of data to inform and shape your organisation's decision-making.

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 Thought leadership

 We support you to embrace the ideas and innovation that meet your current and future   business challenges.

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