Past events

The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment is hosting the first national conference dedicated to community investment.
This masterclass will draw on the latest thinking and best practice in how boards are driving and improving quality of social value outcomes.
A four-part development programme for housing providers looking to become core place-based partners in local work with the NHS
An unmissable opportunity for Housing Associations looking to improve their relationship with local healthcare providers.
Learn how to use social value calculations to best effect in your development and regeneration work.
This two-day conference will give you the tools, mindset and practical knowhow to start your innovation journey.
Find out how your community investment programmes can improve health and wellbeing in your local communities.
This masterclass will be run in Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Cambridge. Check event description for full details of time and date for each location.
NHS Mental Health Trusts are facing unprecedented levels of pressure and are looking for new ways to respond to the challenges they face. This conference examines how collaboration with housing partners could be key.
Masterclass attendees will learn to understand, measure, and communicate their social impact using the latest versions of HACT’s UK Social Value Bank and associated tools and resources.