Ian Byrne MP on the #RightToFood

We are joined by Ian Byrne, who is MP for Liverpool and West Derby. Ian will speak to us about his #RightToFood Campaign, which is a campaign to make access to food a legal right for all.

Ian wants to see a “Right to Food” enshrined into legislation in Parliament, to end hunger and the need for foodbanks once and for all.

Through the Centre’s impact measures project, we know that since March 2020, 86 organisations whose homes cover 43% of total UK stock, delivered 199,334 food interventions to their residents. Increasingly, housing associations are forced to address food poverty, in a variety of ways.

This session is the first of two sessions focusing on food and food poverty. The following session on December 8th will look at associations who support community-based food growing projects.
Wednesday 24th November 2021 - 10:00 to 11:00
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