Tuesday 22 November
09:30 — 15:30
Past Event

Health and Housing Conference 2022

A huge thank you to NHC for their support with the event, and of course, a massive thank you to all the speakers for their time, knowledge and insights into what was a wide range of interesting and important topics.


This year’s health and housing conference provided the opportunity to discuss the progress made in collaboration between the health and housing sectors and look at ways to further strengthen integration of services across the two sectors; it was a great opportunity to showcase the amazing work that is happening across the country and a platform to discuss the challenges that the sectors are facing in terms of recruitment, budgets and the cost-of-living crisis.


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We want to say a huge thank you to all our speakers who gave their time for the event and provide such valuable insight.


Session 1

Session 2



Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

  • Paul Smith, CEO, and Naina Mandleker, Advisor, Elim Housing
  • Racheal Byrne, Executive Director of New Models of Care, Home Group

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Health and Housing Conference – Session 1

This session explores the work being done across the country within local communities to take forward social prescribing and address health inequalities. The panel discusses the role that housing associations can and do play in delivering social prescribing and connecting with local social prescribing services to support their residents and the wider community.

Health and Housing Conference – Session 2

A significant focus for the delivery of integrated health, housing and care services is at Place. This session explores how housing associations are collaborating with each other, and with NHS partners at a place level. We look at two examples where housing associations and the NHS are pioneering new collaborations that are improving health and wellbeing outcomes for local people.

Health and Housing Conference – Session 3

Community Investment is a major part of the social housing sector, and supporting residents into work is a key feature of their programmes. Drawing on the work taking place in Cheshire and Merseyside, this session will explore how housing associations can focus their work on education, training and employment, to support their residents into health and social care jobs. ‘Opening Doors’ is a partnership between the housing associations, local authorities and the NHS in Cheshire and Merseyside, and is plotting a course through a complex landscape of initiatives and programmes focused on local workforce challenges. How local opportunities are opened for social housing residents is a key ambition of the programme. The session will also explore how shared leadership development can build new and lasting relationships across housing, health and social care.

Health and Housing Conference – Session 4

The NHS is relatively new to thinking about and driving forward Social Value. In April this year, they started to score for Social Value within procurement at 10%. As Anchor Institutions they are also looking at how they contribute to wider social and economic development. As relatively newcomers in this space, there is a significant opportunity for the NHS to learn from and engage with housing and local authorities. This session will explore what the current priorities are around social value, how it is being used to inform investment, are and how housing providers can use this in their collaboration with the NHS.

Health and Housing Conference – Session 5

Transforming health and social care for people with complex mental health and learning disability and autism is a priority for the NHS. Supported housing has always been a key partner in this agenda and yet the funding challenges in this part of the sector have often made things complex, leaving people stuck in inappropriate high cost restrictive environments. This session explores how organisations are collaborating with the NHS and supporting people to live successful lives in the community.

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Session 1 presentations

Session 2 presentations

Session 3 presentations

Session 4 presentations

Session 5 presentations

Innovations in social prescribing: the role of housing

This report is part of the National Academy for Social Prescribing Accelerating Innovation Programme and explores how we could accelerate collaboration between social housing and the social prescribing community. 

Read more and download the publication

The H Factor

The H factor: Hope, health, and happiness. An evaluation of the social prescribing service at whg.

The full report is available to read which includes how the evaluation was carried out and the key findings and recommendations for the future.

Read more and download the publication

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ICS Development Programme

This online development programme will help housing associations engage with Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in the NHS.

ICS are based on a population approach to peoples’ health. We’ve developed a programme to help you understand what these mean for you as a housing association and how, as a sector, we can best contribute to delivering place-based population health services.


Beginning in January 2023, this online programme will bring delegates together so they can:

  • strengthen their understanding of how to engage with their local health colleagues;
  • build awareness of the competencies needed to deliver within a healthcare setting;
  • identify partnering opportunities with health;
  • describe and refine their offer to NHS providers and commissioners;
  • build their credibility as potential partners with the health sector
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The connection between health and housing has never been higher on the agenda, and as we heard at the conference, when we come together, the results are incredible!

We have a wealth of experience in the delivery of services that have increased integration between health and housing for the benefit of local people and communities. By developing partnerships and by being clear about the mutual purpose, building confidence and trust and promoting a culture of collaboration and shared learning, we make a real impact.


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Social Value Insight - NEW procurement module

The latest addition to Social Value Insight is the procurement module, allowing you to ensure that social value is embedded in your procurement processes!

You can now manage your social value procurement information in one place from start to finish. Social Value Insight allows you to tailor initiatives aligned to the UKSVB for each tender whilst choosing your social value weighting.

Suppliers bid on the tenders you provide access to, and when it’s time to select a winner, their targets will seamlessly form part of your programme within Social Value Insight.

The module is included in your Social Value Insight subscription at no extra charge to ensure your procurement social value is immersed in your social value programmes today within Social Value Insight.

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