Driving value through data

Our business capability and design service

Your data can unlock your potential so you can confront future challenges, create the right conditions for change and drive value across the business.

The issue is how you can realise this ambition.

Our approach will help you uncover your business capability and design needs, providing you with a tailored package so you can become the data-driven organisation you aspire to be.

Our model is different

Our business capability and design service combines our knowledge of the social housing sector with specialist external partners to create tailored solutions so you can optimise your capabilities and create the conditions for durable change.

It’s flexible and scalable.

It combines our sector expertise with our specialist network.

It’s tailored to your specific needs to accelerate change from your starting point.

It’s cost effective.

And critically, it accounts for the interdependencies of data capability and culture.

What's your unique issue?

Our first step involves a diagnostic evaluation of your specific needs.

Our diagnostic evaluation will be able to pinpoint your business pain points. 

Our tailored package will help you overcome the identified issues, so you could unlock your potential and realise your ambition.

For further information, please contact us.

“HACT’s approach allowed us to see what has worked and how we can continue to improve performance.”