Community Insight

Community Insight is an affordable, accessible geospatial tool that gives you insights into your local community. 

It enables housing associations and developers to understand their local communities, so they can maximise their local investments, for the benefit of your residents, your community, and your organisation.

Community Insight has been developed by HACT and Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI).

Six reasons why

It's easy to use: you define an area and the information about the community in which you're interested. It's as simple as that.

It's flexible: the community you're looking at can be as big as a county or as small as a street.

It's fast to use: you can generate a 50-page, in-depth report about your chosen local community in just 10 minutes.

It saves you money: no more days searching the net or paying consultants to produce your reports.

It makes you more efficient: the data helps improve your business planning, so you can invest in the services that your local community actually needs.

It's always up-to-date: you don't have to worry about the latest information. We make sure all 850 datasets are the most recent releases.

Making job clubs work

Community Insight helped our job club work.


Community Insight works - feedback from housing associations and developers

All the latest data

News about the latest data that's been added to Community Insight

Keeping it local

The successful food co-op that happened thanks to Community Insight

Getting ready for Universal Credit

Using Community Insight to understand the possible impact of Universal Credit

Frequently asked questions

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Who's using it?

Community Insight is fast becoming one of the most popular GIS programmes in the sector!

Visit the website

Community Insight runs off a stand-alone website.

Take the challenge

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£5000+VAT for an annual subcription includes:

  • Unlimited users in the organisation
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Constant data updates.

If your organisation has 1,000-2,500 homes, the annual subscription is £2,500 +VAT

If your organisation has under 1,000 homes, the annual subscription is £1,000 +VAT

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