Case studies: Community Insight in action

Making job clubs work

"We were running a job club in our local community, but attendance was very poor. We couldn’t work out why people weren’t attending. 

So we turned to Community Insight: we uploaded our stock information, and then overlaid this with a number of data sets, including those showing local obesity and car ownership levels. The former was high, while the latter was low.    

The job club was on top of a hill, so people either had to rely on public transport to get there (which cost money), or were having to walk up the hill. 

We moved the location of the job club, making sure it was near to a bus stop and didn’t involve any walking up hills. After that, attendance rocketed!"

Case study provided by an existing user of Community Insight


Keeping it local

"We’ve been working with our local county council around numerous issues, including child obesity, social isolation and low incomes. 

We used Community Insight to help us to write a business case explaining why we needed to run a food co-operative project with the council. 

We inputted our stock data, and then overlaid this with deprivation indicators, and worked out the potential financial benefits to the community if we started up a food co-operative. 

The co-op has now been running for over a year, and has over 400 families who are members. As a local councillor said, “it’s successful because it’s owned and run by the local community, for the local community”."

Case study provided by an existing user of Community Insight


Preparing for Universal Credit

"Like many other housing associations, we’re worried about the impact of Universal Credit on our residents. 

So we’ve started using Community Insight to help us to understand the possible impact of Universal Credit, and then determine where we need to concentrate our advice support locally. 

We’re using the latest DWP data on Community Insight, and cross referencing it with our own advice management data, which we’ve uploaded to the system. 

We can then output a series of heat maps that visualise the impact, and help us plan our services more effectively."

Case study provided by an existing user of Community Insight


£6,000+VAT for an annual subcription includes:

  • Unlimited users in the organisation
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Constant data updates.

We are keen to ensure all social housing organisations that could benefit from Community Insight can access information. 

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