Business capability and design

The social housing sector is undergoing its most radical transformation for decades. Operating models are being ripped up. Service delivery plans are being revised. The old way of working is being replaced by a new, dynamic, flexible operating model that puts digital delivery, customer engagement, community investment and impact measurement at its core. 


Before Covid-19, we'd been working with a number of social housing organisations around their business capability and design. Each were at a different stage along the business transformation pathway. Each needed a different support package. Because of our knowledge of the sector, our ability to respond at pace and the networks we can co-opt, we were able to provide bespoke business capability and design packages to each of them. 

To find out more about this service, download this short document.

Measure your social purpose

Your social purpose should define you. How do you know whether you're delivering social impact?

Housing and health

Housing should be playing a critical role in delivering place-based health outcomes. We can help you achieve this.

Community investment at the core of social housing

How you deliver your community investment initiatives in the next 12 months will be crucial to your organisation's bottom line. We can help you strategically, practically and empirically.