Bringing innovation into housing

We offer a full range of services to business looking to bring innovative and exciting new ideas into the UK social housing market.

  • Market advice and intelligence
  • Identifying key early partners and contacts
  • Product design and development assistance
  • Brokering and evaluating pilots and trials
  • Support in accessing funding, preparing bids and securing partners
  • Regulatory advice
  • Marketing and promotion

Businesses working with HACT have the option to be featured on HACT’s Innovation Launch Pad – a showcase for the best new ideas, innovations and products entering the housing sector. Launch pad participants will be featured in our monthly innovation and technology round up distributed to the housing sector plus have the chance to participate in event, workshops and product development groups with the Launch Pad’s housing partners.

To see the latest innovations featured on the launch pad check out

Market intelligence and advice

We can help you understand the current state of the housing sector, identify technology opportunities and market gaps, understand products already in the marketplace, and map out how your existing and planned products fit into current business models, priorities and needs of housing providers.

Identifying key early partners and contacts

We are able to draw on our deep networks across the housing sector to identify key organisations and individuals who may have an interest in the innovative technologies you are seeking to promote, and those who are most likely to be willing to engage at an early stage to help you shape your product to ensure it is market ready.  We can facilitate and broke introductions and -  where appropriate to bring together groups of providers to engage with and help you further understand how your product might best meet the needs of housing providers.

Product design and development

We can work with you to develop and adapt your products, technologies and business strategies to meet the needs of housing providers and successfully interface with existing technologies and business practices.  Where appropriate we can connect you with the people you need to engage with across the wider housing supply chain to test your ideas and trial new approaches.

Brokering and evaluating pilots and trials

We can identify and connect you to housing providers most likely to be willing to participate in early stage pilot exercises to help develop your product further and/or demonstrate its value in a housing setting.  We can provide assistance with the design and delivery of the pilot or trial and, where required, can carry out an independent evaluation of the outcome of the pilots.

Support in accessing funding, preparing bids and securing partners

HACT has significant experience working with a range of partners in applying for funding to support the development of innovative products and approaches, both in the private and academic sectors.  We can work with you on the content of bids, identifying and facilitating access to potential additional partners, and point to other sources of support and input to developing proposals.  Where funding is being sought, we can provide advice and assistance in identifying potential investment partners and brokering introductions.

Regulatory advice

Drawing on our strong networks and extensive understanding of the housing regulatory environment, we can offer advice and assistance in understanding any potential regulatory issues that might be relevant to your products and  - where necessary – help you navigate your way through any regulatory obstacles that may emerge.

Marketing and promotion

HACT has extensive networks, mailing lists and events programmes, engaging with more than 80% of significantly sized housing providers each year. We are willing to explore collaborative approaches to profiling and marketing your products and services within the housing sector, where they stand out as particularly innovative and have the potential to transform and disrupt housing businesses in a significant and positive way.

HACT’s innovation record

HACT has a strong record of supporting the development of innovation across the housing sector, both as a provider of services and as a partner to others looking to enter the housing market.  In the last three years HACT has:

  • successfully developed and brought to market a ground-breaking mapping and data analytic platform – Community Insight – now used by more than 60% of larger housing providers, generating over £1.5m in sales in its first three years on the market.
  • coordinated the first ever roll-out of big data analytics in the UK housing sector in partnership with Microsoft UK, bringing together business data from multiple housing providers to explore new approaches to collaborative analytics
  • founded the Connected Homes Consortium, pioneering interest in and uptake of Internet of Things based technologies across the social housing sector, assisting in the delivery of technology pilots involving multiple products across more than 30 housing providers in the last year.  Over 100 housing providers recently attended our Internet of Things hands on event in Manchester in November 2015.
  • developed and launched the social housing sector’s de facto standard for social impact reporting, now at the heart of major new cross-sector procurement initiative involving 80% of major housing focused contracting businesses.
  • launched the first ever Randomized Control Trials to take place in the UK housing sector, exploring the impact of tenancy sustainment activities across multiple housing providers
  • supported the roll out of technology-based pilot projects in over 35 leading housing providers managing over 500k homes between them
  • hosted more than 150 industry events, including seminars, roundtables, large scale conferences and hands on exhibitions, drawing attendees from across the housing sector.

We are now able to draw on our extensive knowledge of and engagement with the social housing market to assist and advise other organisations seeking to develop and launch innovative new products, technologies, and services into the UK housing sector.


HACT thrives on creating positive, value generating partnerships.  We are happy to explore partnership arrangements that work for you and your business.  These may include:

- hourly consultancy support

- fixed fee contracts

- profit share/commission

- joint venture partnership


Please contact, or to discuss further.