5 June, 2024

Retrofit Credits Case Study: believe housing

We spoke to Ruth Dent, Director of Assets and Compliance at believe housing, about their experience with the Retrofit Credits initiative.


believe housing are one of the biggest housing associations in the North East of England, and a buyer of Retrofit Credits. We spoke to their Director of Assets and Compliance, Ruth Dent, about their experience with the Retrofit Credits initiative.

What was it about Retrofit Credits that you felt was right for your organisation? 

The credits were attractive to us to support work that we were already doing. They have allowed us to re-invest into further properties and extend our reach even further, giving more customers the benefits of home energy improvements which make their homes warmer, healthier, greener and more affordable to run. The model from Retrofit Credits looked great and we consider HACT to be a trusted partner in this sector. 

The social benefits that were explained by the competent team were really positive and we were happy with the vetting process, which ties in with our other social value reporting. 

How helpful has Retrofit Credits been for your work on both decarbonisation and social value? 

Money that we have received has allowed us to complete even more energy improvement works to our customers’ homes, as well as then claiming additional Retrofit Credits. HACT supports us to understand the social value of all of this work alongside the difference it really makes to customers. Maximising the impact of our work for customers and the wider community is very important to us as an organisation. 

How have you utilised your Retrofit Credits? Do you have any customer feedback? 

With the long-term cost of achieving net zero it’s so important to make the most of every opportunity for energy improvement measures. Every penny received from Retrofit Credits has been used to invest in further works which improve the energy efficiency of customers’ homes.  

To date, we have received thousands of pounds which has been used to undertake a number of measures, and we have just submitted a further application which we will enable us to continue investing in more homes. Customers are delighted and tell us they can feel the difference in their homes and on their energy bills right away. 

“This scheme gave us so much reassurance that we are doing the right thing. Our message to others would be – why wouldn’t you?”

Did you find Retrofit Credits initiative easy to work with and is it something that you could recommend to other organisations? 

Yes. It took a while to understand what was expected in terms of tracking certain information, but the team was there to support us with every step.  

We would recommend it. We have been approached a couple of times from other organisations and could say we see this as a really positive experience. It can sometimes be difficult to know how the impact of the works delivered reduce carbon emissions, and this scheme gave us so much reassurance that we are doing the right thing.  

Our message to others would be – why wouldn’t you? 

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believe housing Case Study

PUBLISHED: June 2024

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