The Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2019 are here!

By Thames Menteth-Wheelwright, Housing Communications Intern - on 26/09/2019

There has been much anticipation surrounding the publication of the newest Indices of Multiple Deprivation. Today it’s finally here.

OCSI and have been commissioned by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to update the English Indices of Deprivation 2019. The IMD 2019 are a relative measure of deprivation for small areas, or Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOA), across England. After the IMD was updated in 2015, this is the second consecutive iteration of the indices. Today, these crucial datasets are released into the public domain for people to use.  


For HACT and the Centre, this is big news. It means that we’ve updated our Community Insight tool, which uses data from the IMD and other open data sources to revolutionise the way housing associations are able to work within their communities.


The IMD’s newest data is now live for our users on Community Insight. You’ll have access to the most up to date range of data. The IMD 2019 combines together indicators under seven different domains of deprivation:

  • Income deprivation;
  • Employment deprivation;
  • Education skills and training deprivation;
  • Health deprivation and disability;
  • Crime;
  • Barriers to housing and services;
  • Living environment deprivation. 

With our insight tool you’ll be able to see how this information is appearing for your communities in a heat-mapped spread of all 317 local authorities across the country. A lower rank (or darker colour) indicates that the area is experiencing high levels of deprivation.


IMD map of Liverpool and Knowsley Source: Community Insight 


IMD map of Middlesborough Source: Community Insight


According to the new findings, the local authority areas of Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Knowsley, Hull, and Manchester, are some of the most deprived in the country. Represented as burgundy clusters on our map, the indices data reveals that more than a third of the smaller areas that make up these local authorities rank in the most deprived decile. Wokingham and Hart, on the other hand, rank amongst some of the least deprived, with 66.7% of LSOA’s in the least deprived decile.


HACT’s Community Insight tool is a joined-up approach which has helped, and will continue to help, local authorities, housing associations and frontline staff with targeting these areas of particularly high deprivation, while recognising the success of areas in which communities are thriving.


You can register for alerts about the indices by signing up to the OCSI mailing list and for any questions related to the indices, please get in touch with

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