Speaker spotlight: Dr Caroline Taylor, GP Member of the Governing Body

By Thames Menteth-Wheelwright, Communications Intern - on 25/09/2019

Dr Caroline Taylor will be speaking at our health and housing conference about her experience of the primary care home model.

Dr Caroline Taylor is a GP and Lead of the North Halifax Community Wellbeing Partnership Primary Care Home.


She sees supporting individuals and communities to maximise their mental health and physical wellbeing as being vital to her role, and works towards this integrated system approach as the co-chair of the North Halifax Community Wellbeing Partnership and a faculty member of the National Association of Primary Care.


Speaking recently on a panel about the importance of working collaboratively across primary and community health services to improve population health, Dr Taylor said, “it’s no good just looking at health in isolation”. A large part of a person’s health is made up of “what people do for themselves”, said Taylor, “and the way we influence that is actually looking at things like their employment, their smoking habits, and their housing.”


Since the North Halifax Community and Wellbeing Partnership PCH started, things at Dr Taylor’s practice have changed. “With no fuss or fanfares, my teammates now talk to each… This is not the future; this is the now in North Halifax and it’s just the start,” she wrote in a blog post this summer.


Every monthly meeting of the primary care groups attracts around 15 or 20 people who are all from different organisations, including social care, the acute trust, the mental health trust, the voluntary sector, the housing sector, social prescribing, and the better living team.


Dr Taylor has consistently focused on relationships and collaboration in the way that she brought the primary care home group together. “We all have to be allowed to step outside our current boxes and work in other people’s boxes, where necessary. We have to be able to have the vision to see how that could happen and the trust in ourselves and each other and the patients who we’re working for,” she summarised.


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