Two days to change the way you work

By Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive - on 06/11/2018

Over the last few years, there have been lots of conversations about innovation and transformation within the social housing sector. You’ve probably sat through innumerable speeches and presentations about digital journeys, transformation strategies and how the internet of things is going to revolutionise the customer experience.

More often than not we tend to look for inspiration from people working outside the social housing sector, believing that what they do must be better, more advanced and intelligent than anything we could come up with. After all, they run successful businesses, so they must be at the forefront of innovation.

What we tend to forget in all this gazing at other people’s navels is that we can’t just take their tools and techniques and expect them to work for us. Otherwise innovation, transformation, and digital journeys are just empty buzzwords that have no practical meaning to the way we actually do our work.

We need to build our own competencies, expertise and skills so that we can drive innovation and transformation within our organisations.

Innovation in Practice is a conference that, we believe, will help to make this happen. Innovation in Practice will change the way you work.

We’ve compiled a list of inspirational speakers from within and outside the sector, including Juan Lagrange talking about how to create a continuous learning culture, Sarah Mbatha discussing innovation in housing operations and Gerard Kavanagh sharing his experience of next generation artificial intelligence, and how this might impact on social housing.

We didn’t, though, just want the conference to be another opportunity for you to listen to inspirational speakers.

We want attendees to be inspired by what they hear, and then have the opportunity to learn how to use the tools and techniques in practice, so that when they return to work the following week, they can make innovation happen.

We’ve all been wowed by the latest technology or the latest app. We all want to believe that, somehow, technology on its own will deliver a short cut to success.

Yet we know that innovation is not just delivered by tools. It happens because of people. It happens thanks to a changing culture that means innovation is put into practice, rather than being yet another idea that gets left on a flip chart.

Change is not just about doing things differently. It’s also about creating a culture where people feel supported to experiment and unlearn learnt behaviour. We know that taking time out of a working week is a challenge.

We believe the two days they spend at the conference will be two days well spent.

Two days that will change the way you work.


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