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By Dr Rob Wray - on 14/06/2018

Digibite helps organisations to move beyond just describing the problems they’re facing so they can start putting solutions into practice.

In the face of declining incomes and rising costs, many housing providers I spoke with at the National Housing Federation conference on business transformation are looking to digital transformation as the key to increasing their commercial efficiency. The question many asked me is, “Where do we start?”

This is where Digibite comes in. It helps organisations to start moving beyond just describing the problems they’re facing and begin putting solutions into practice.

Digibite has been created by HACT in partnership with Halton Housing, who are widely regarded as the pioneers of digital in the housing sector. In 2018, they achieved their target of 90% of customers accessing online services. They understand the challenges faced by housing providers, and supply chain partners, in pulling off a successful digital transformation, as well as the benefits that the move to digital delivers.

Digitbite is a detailed digital transformation methodology designed specifically for the social housing sector. It shows you your current digital capabilities and maps out a potential digital path for you to follow. It will help you, for example, find out how you can drastically reduce your accommodation costs or give your frontline staff more time on the actual front line.

Talking with colleagues at the business transformation conference, it’s clear that there is no singular solution to digital transformation. Digibite helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to develop a tailored digital strategy that will lay the foundations for your business transformation.

We’re hosting two Digibite launch events: one at the home of Halton Housing on 19 June, and the other at TechUK in London on 13 July. At the events, you’ll be able to find out how Halton Housing delivered digital transformation, and how Digibite can diagnose your issues, and help you develop a business case for your programme of digital change.

You can find more about Digibite on our micro site

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