Accelerating Community Led Housing by supporting Local Authorities and Housing Associations

By Kavita Tailor - on 09/11/2017


Community-Led Housing (CLH) currently represents approximately 1% of the UK's housing and the sector is growing rapidly, offering local community focused solutions to need for more affordable homes. Successful projects such as LILAC in Leeds and Yorspace in York are pioneering the way in creating new financial models, affordable and sustainable living that truly cultivate community living.

To support the rise in interest in CLH, HACT are collaborating with Social Regeneration Consultants and Self-Help Housing to create a technical toolkit specifically designed for Local Authorities (LAs) and Housing Associations (HAs). The work is supported and funded by the Nationwide Foundation, Land Aid and Ecology Building Society.

Since 1960, HACT has been supporting people in communities to address their local housing needs.  This is how many housing associations started, buying empty street properties and bringing them back into use. HACT, with other pioneers in the 1960s such as the Notting Hill Housing Trust, created Shelter to raise funds from the general public to fund new community led housing associations across the country. This was the Cathy Come Home generation.

Now nearly 60 years on, HACT stills plays a key role in supporting community led housing. Our work with Self Help Housing has identified that there were resources and support aimed at communities and local groups, but little for LAs and HAs.  This is a significant barrier limiting the scale and scope of CLH.

To address this, we are currently developing a toolkit which will:

  • Collate all documentation required to develop and deliver a scheme,
  • Provide a standard set of processes, templates, frameworks, signposts and guidance, applicable to all CLH schemes
  • Create a coherent set of tools and information and making them more widely available to both LAs and HAs

It is hoped that the toolkit, when adopted, will support an acceleration of more efficiently delivered CLH projects and will support local authority teams from Planning to Finance.

Our partner, Pete Duncan at Social Regeneration Consultants says "it has been wonderful to link up with enthusiastic people, young and old, who are coming into community led housing for the first time."

HACT have established a user group for research, testing and consultation and are now currently developing the content for the toolkit ready for a launch in early 2018. 

If you would like to know more or get involved please contact

community development;

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