Blog: September 2015

Practice Governance: A guide for health and housing integration

by Peter Airey - on 25/09/2015

As housing associations increasingly seek to work in partnership with health care a key issue is the ability to put in place robust mechanisms for managing clinical risk across partners. Understanding and aligning practice along clinical governance themes not only starts to become necessary but also opens doors to partnership working and permits health commissioning with confidence.

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The wellbeing value of tackling homelessness

by Mary-Kathryn Rallings Adams - on 01/09/2015

Last year, HACT and Simetrica embarked on a new project, aimed at determining whether we could place a monetary value on the wellbeing uplift people experience by moving into secure housing. With the support of Affinity Sutton, Family Mosaic and Midland Heart, we explored key issues around homelessness, using the same rigorous statistical methods applied to calculate the values in our Social Value Bank.

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