Blog: March 2015

What works in housing?

by Jim Vine - on 25/03/2015

What works, for whom, in what circumstances and at what costs? The social housing sector as a whole has, to date, not focused enough on the creation and use of evidence that seeks to answer these questions.

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If only “they” would ………

by Ken Perry - on 18/03/2015

Ken Perry, Director of Do Well (UK), reflects on the need to move beyond organisational boundaries to address the most complex challenges we face and how HACT’s Systems Leadership Masterclass will show you the way.

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The fascinating world of community-led housing

by Clementine Traynard - on 10/03/2015

HACT's Housing Intern Clementine reflects on the community-led projects she has worked on and what they might mean to the future housing agenda.

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