Blog: June 2014

HouseParty: an exciting new innovation for housing

by John Coburn, Networks Manager, HACT - on 17/06/2014

A snippet into why HouseParty represents the transformation that is taking place in the housing sector. Networks Manager John Coburn discusses some of the great sessions that will be taking place at HouseParty and declares that the event reflects the dynamism, energy and enthusiasm of our sector and communities, to make change happen.

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A challenge to the existing housing establishment

by Matt Leach - on 10/06/2014

HACT's Chief Executive Matt Leach discusses why HouseParty delivers an opportunity to a new generation of housing innovators.

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Big Data and housing part 4: potential benefits

by Jim Vine - on 03/06/2014

In part four of this short introductory series Jim Vine delves into the ‘why’ of Housing Big Data.

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