Advanced level social impact masterclasses

We are pleased to present an advanced level masterclass on our social impact work, which is based on the Wellbeing Valuation approach.

There are two distinct aspects to the advanced masterclass. In the first session the focus will be on developing a better understanding of measuring your organisation’s impact. It will provide guidelines on data collection and statistical analysis using methods such as control group analysis. The aim is for organisations to acquire the necessary methods and tools to run simple but robust impact analysis. This will allow organisations to apply the values from the Social Value Bank in a more robust way to their specific activities. Delegates are encouraged to bring their computers to participate in applied data analysis during the class (Excel required) .

The second part of the course will provide guidance on how to make the most of social impact measurement results in your organisation. It will provide insight into how results can inform improved decision-making, demonstrate ways to present results to senior teams, budget holders and decision makers and how to answer questions that may arise. It will explore how to tailor results for different audiences, and finally how VFM statements can benefit from robust measurement of social returns.

Course contents

Part 1: Impact analysis (75%)

  • Data collection
  • Theory of counterfactual analysis and the control group
  • Estimating impact using control groups (applied session with data). 
  • Cross sectional analysis (one point in time): Sub-classification analysis; Matching; introduction to Regression analysis.  
  • Times series analysis: Introduction to Difference-in-Difference analysis.
  • Introduction to the SImetrica Social Impact Scale – a framework for assessing different levels of rigour in social impact studies. 
  • Applying these models to the Social Value Bank and the wellbeing values to derive robust estimates of social impact specific to your organisation’s activities. 

Part 2: Using social impact results in your business (25%)

  • Using results in decision-making
  • How to present and defend your results 
  • How to consider the needs of different audiences e.g. External publications, the Board, tenants, etc
  • Using results in your Value for Money statement 

We don't currently have any advanced masterclasses available. Please check back regularly for updates.


There are currently no advanced masterclasses planned.

Please check back soon for updates.