Social value consultancy

We offer bespoke support to introduce and implement social impact measurement systems across your organisation. We guide you to understand, measure and report on the social impact your community investment activities contribute to and embed this consideration into decision-making.

A bespoke programme of support and advice to suit your organisation will be drawn up with your input, to include tailored training sessions, round tables, workshops, policy development, presentations to Boards, all aimed to ultimately maximise the social impact of your investment.

Causality Analysis/Training

The issue of cause and effect is one for all social impact measurement approaches. The WV approach provides a robust and reliable estimate of the social value your interventions help to create but does not always provide certainty as to how much your intervention was responsible.

When using the WV approach the issue of cause and effect can be addressed through relatively straight-forward data analysis compared to other approaches. Working directly with Daniel Fujiwara and partners from LSE, HACT offers practical training on how to tackle this issue so you know what positive change you are responsible for in your neighbourhoods.

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Our social value services

If you would like to find out more about the services that we offer to housing providers around social value, you can download our short promotional leaflet.

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