HACT staff

Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive

Andrew joined HACT in 2003 and has worked in homelessness, supported housing and wider social exclusion policy and practice for 19 years. Andrew has worked for HACT for 13 years although for 18 months he was seconded to the National Mental Health Development Unit at the Department of Health as the National Housing Lead.  

He is a Non-Executive Director at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust and Chair of Stonewall Housing. 

Mary-Kathryn Rallings Adams, Deputy Chief Executive

Mary-Kathryn joined HACT in April 2013. In her role as Director of Research at HACT, Mary-Kathryn manages a range of research projects, working with clients both within and beyond the housing sector. Prior to joining the HACT team, she completed her doctorate in Social Anthropology, exploring the intersection of urban regeneration, conflict and social policy in Northern Ireland. She has authored peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as various research reports for HACT and other think tanks, and regularly contributes to working groups, seminars and conferences committed to interdisciplinary research in academia as well as in the third sector.

 Meghan Butt, Business Administrator

Meghan joined HACT in August 2016 as a Housing Intern. She holds a BA in Political Science and Human Geography from the University of Toronto. During her undergraduate career, she developed an interest in improving existing systems through comparative study, prompting her recent move to the UK. Meghan also has extensive experience working for a broad range of third sector organizations.

She assumes various roles at HACT, working in research, business development, and facilitating connections. Meghan is particularly interested in improving the quality of service delivery to vulnerable populations, namely LGBT communities and asylum seekers. 

Marcelle Dopwell, Head of Business Operations

Marcelle has worked for HACT since May 2009, starting in the role of Projects Support Officer. Having worked in content management in the Digital New Media field for 15 years, leaving BSkyB in 2006, she decided to change careers to the Public Sector. Marcelle also worked previously on projects with the London Development Agency and Southwark Council in Children Services.


Marcelle has a Foundation Degree in London Studies.

Frances Harkin, Research Officer

Frances Harkin joined HACT as a Research Officer in February 2015. Coming from a qualitative research background, she has extensive experience of researching diverse communities. Her PhD research explored the role that sport plays in the construction of identity and community with a particular focus upon the significance of sport for members of London’s Irish population. Frances has a keen interest in research on community and identity development, migration and the social role of sport, both in academia and the third sector. She continues to sustain an academic profile through participation in academic events and peer-reviewed publications.

 Will Jamieson, Housing and Health Intern

The second Will to join the HACT team, Will Jamieson started working at HACT in September 2016. Before joining HACT Will recently completed an MSc in Urban Studies at UCL, where he wrote a dissertation on the effect of land reclamation in Singapore on concepts of landscape and national identity, as well as its impact on Singapore’s political economy and planning policy.

Will is interested in how ideas of culture and economy get tangled together through built form, and crafting different methodologies to unpick them.

Rosie Heydenrych, Communications and Events Officer

Rosie joined HACT in February 2012 coming from a special events fundraising background working for both large and small charitable organisations. At HACT she coordinates the seminars, conferences and roundtables that HACT hosts and manages the content for the website, communication materials and social media outlets.

Rosie has a degree in Marketing from the University of Liverpool.

William Howard, Housing and Health Officer

Will joined HACT in January 2015. He recently completed an MSc in Sociology at the London School of Economics, in which he focussed on the application of theory to research, as well as looking at the relationship between political theory and urban form. Prior to that he completed his undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Birmingham, undertaking his dissertation on homeless mobility and its effects in the city of Oxford.

His principal interest is in how research can be successfully applied to understand and tackle urban inequality.

Christina Knudsen, Data Analyst

Christina joined HACT in June 2015. After completing her Psychology degree at Cardiff University, she went on to read Data Science at Royal Holloway, University of London and is in the process of gaining her MSc. Christina has an interest in the public sector and has previously worked for the NHS during her studies. The opportunity to use her analytic and programming skills while working at HACT is something Christina is greatly looking forward to. 

David King, Business Development Officer

David joined HACT in September 2014, initially working to better integrate housing and health before moving to social impact measurment. 

He has a keen interest in housing, writing a disseration on conceptions of civil society in British housing while at SOAS, University of London. Outside of work, he helps to run a campaign for affordable housing, PricedOut.  


Jay Saggar, HACT LaunchPad Coordinator

Jay joined HACT in February 2015 and is currently working with the Connected Home Consortium. Prior to HACT, Jay has worked as part of the year 1 set up team for a community opened free school in north London. He holds an MSc in Globalisation and Development Studies from SOAS, University of London.

Jay is interested in innovative approaches to finance and technology which challenge existing social, economic and organisational orthodoxies.   

 Sally Thomas, Director of Communities

Sally joined HACT in April 2016 on a secondment from North Star Housing Group as Director of Communities.  She has held a range of senior policy, leadership and operational roles in the public and private sectors, specialising in housing, community-based regeneration and social policy. 

Sally's expertise includes developing community investment strategies, community insight and service excellence policy and practice, service co-creation programmes with residents, approaches to social value in procurement and community-led housing.